Friday, May 12, 2006

Military veterans and people locating resources

Dear visitors,

My name is Angelica Ars, I am 34 years of age, webmaster in my own time, and have added this blog to

For the past eight years I have a people locating website online.
The address is

Ways to find back friends, a former lover or relatives can be:
- through phonebooks
- email directories
- military locators, on that topic there are many links on my website.
In addition, I link to many, many military websites, and other information relevant to military personnel and their relatives or spouses.

The following piece of text is linked to on my page for and about US Military veterans,

This poem, or piece of text, may be quite well-known in the US. The first few lines are listed here, the whole text can be read at

May I Salute You?

by Patricia Salwei

I approached the entrance to Ft Belvoir's medical facility last year as an
old veteran puttered towards me. Easily over 80 year old, stooped and slow,
I barely gave him a second glance because on his heels was a full bird

As they approached, I rendered a sharp salute and barked, "Good
morning, Sir!" Because they were heel to toe, I began my salute as the old
veteran was about two paces from me. He immediately came to life!
Transformed by my greeting, he rose to his full height, returned my salute
with pride, and exclaimed, "Good morning captain!" I was startled, but the
full bird behind him was flabbergasted. The colonel stopped mid‑salute,
smiled at me and quietly moved on.

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