Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vacation rentals

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This website has rentals on each continent and in almost every country, for your vacation.
They say the prices are much lower than those of hotelrooms. Doing a quick search shows rentals from about $60 per night, and about $330 per week.
You can rent a furnished apartment, a house or a villa, a condo, a beach vacation house, a cottage, a Bed and Breakfast, a vacation Cabin, a town house, a lake vacation house, vacation house in the mountains, accomodation in a vacation Resort, a chalet, a hotelroom, a bungalow, a penthouse, a room in a hostel or a pitch on a camping, a mesonet, or a Share House.

In Indonesia, Bali, you can rent a villa, in France you can rent a bed and breakfast, villa, or other accomodation. In Hamburg, Germany, you can rent a townhouse for approximately 100 dollars per night. in London a loft for the same price, in Paris an apartment for double that price, and that's just a short summary.
Searches and bookings can be made online, and at most rentals you can also personally contact the owner.

The website also has a blog with all sorts of travel tips for many countries, and a forum.

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